28 - 31 August 2013
Torino, Italy

RN10 – Sociology of Education

Piotr Mikiewicz < piotr.mikiewicz@yahoo.pl> University of Lower Silesia, Poland

Education, Crisis and Change

Fluctuations in the contemporary global economy, contribute to produce a sense of deep crisis, not only in the economic sphere, but also in other areas of social life. The economic problems have reinforced the already strong sense of uncertainty and risk associated with the end of the classic models of building up of social trajectories. One of the most important elements of this “end of certainty” are the changes in the functioning of formal education, particularly expansion of education at secondary and tertiary level. Classically defined functions of education: training, selection, allocation and regulation of aspirations, can be questioned. The school at all levels shall cease to be a simple machine sorting and channelling biographies. Thus the questions arise: what is the relevance of education for the functioning of modern societies, also in regard to situations caused by the crisis: increased uncertainty, the increase of unemployment, the transformation of models of social policy etc.? How should it be studied? What theoretical models are worth to be used?

Sociology of Education Research Network invites to submit papers on education functioning in the relations to social structure in the context of the socio-economic crisis.

We are pleased to invite interested scholars to send in an abstract. Themes may seek answers to the below mentioned questions, but also to relevant others, such as a general diagnoses of education functions and outcomes in their countries, level of social inequality, relation of education to the labour market, or an analysis on the impact of the economic crisis on the functioning of education and educational policy.


Thank you very much to all participants for making esa torino an outstanding conference.