28 - 31 August 2013
Torino, Italy

RN13 – Sociology of families and intimate lives

Giovanna Rossi giovanna.rossi@unicatt.it Catholic University of Milan, Milan, Italy

Our RN invites submissions of papers on current new findings in family research and current new theoretical and methodological approaches to explore family and intimate lives.

Taking up the categories “critique” and “change” as a heuristic-theoretical frame, scholars are invited to explore whether and how family studies relate with the multiple meanings of the crisis (economic, social, cultural, definitional…) which is affecting – as a distinctive feature of our times – family, intimate and social life (in terms of definitions, cultures, values, configurations, resources, and so on) and/or sociology itself and the way we “do sociology” and sociological research.

The reflection on the sociological understandings of families everyday lives and family relations – considering resources, challenges and the balance among these aspects -, gives the chance to focus on theoretical reflections as well as methodological and practical solutions.

The RN13 committee would like to propose a few sub-topics of interest that may help develop the main theme. They include but are not restricted to:


Joint Sessions

  • 05JS13Family, consumption and markets

    Joint session with RN05 – Sociology of Consumption

    Chairs: Bente Halkier & tbc, see RN web-page

    This joint session explores the relationships between families, intimate relationships, consumption and markets. Papers, which address these themes in relation to life course, generations and genders are welcome. We are also interested in papers that reflect upon the ways in which “crisis” (in the broad sense and enveloping economic, social, familial, markets …) comes into focus. How is this connected with “critique” (e.g. through resistance in/through consumption) and change?

    For an extended CfP for this session see http://www.esa-consumption.org/

Thank you very much to all participants for making esa torino an outstanding conference.