28 - 31 August 2013
Torino, Italy

RN14 – Gender Relations in the Labour Market and the Welfare State

Aine Ni Leime aine.nileime@nuigalway.ie National University of Ireland, Galway
Emma Calvert e.calvert@qub.ac.uk Queens University, Belfast
Vanessa Beck Vanessa.Beck@le.ac.uk University of Leicester
Nata Duvvury nata.duvvury@nuigalway.ie National University of Ireland, Galway

Gender, work and care in changing times

The aim of this conference will be to highlight and discuss recent cutting-edge research into the current position of gender relations in European labour markets and Welfare States and consider what achievements have been made and what challenges remain in a Europe “in crisis”. This should facilitate debate about future developments, Europe-wide, interdisciplinary learning and attempts to influence policy. All papers should consider current economic and policy developments at a comparative, European, national and/or regional level.

In particular, we encourage submission of abstracts on the following themes:


Thank you very much to all participants for making esa torino an outstanding conference.