28 - 31 August 2013
Torino, Italy

RN17 – Work, Employment and Industrial Relations

Mirella Baglioni mirella.baglioni@unipr.it University of Parma, Parma, Italy
Bernd Brandl bernd.brandl@york.ac.uk University of York, York, UK

At previous conferences RN17 explored the consequences of the financial crisis and the following economic crisis on organized labour, i.e. on industrial relations, employment and labour market institutions. As the crisis is not over yet it’s time to discuss any lessons we have learnt. It’s time to develop the debates further and to reflect on ourselves.

This year the questions concentrate on: Which crisis? Whose critique? What changes? This conference aims to give as many answers as necessary/possible to the questions above as regards the fields of work, employment and industrial relations. Different, innovative and critical answers are welcome.

In particular we are interested in exploring the consequences of the crisis for both sides of the employment relationship: labour and capital, or the employee and employer side respectively. We are especially interested in highlighting the differential impacts of austerity upon the employee and employer side as well as the transformation within both sides. As all levels of the employment relationship are affected by the crisis (i.e. workplace, sector, national, and supra-national level) contributions on different levels are welcome. In addition, in line with the conference theme, RN17 is interested in discussing the following questions in context with the current crisis: will the institutionalized regulation of work and employment undergo restructuring processes on a scale similar or even larger than the alterations of the past? To what extent will industrial relations and labour market institutions affect the policy responses and their effects? What is the impact of our critique on changes?

In order to explore the overall theme of the conference as well as other current debates in the field of work, employment and industrial relations, the call for papers of the RN17 intends to invite all researchers in the diverse fields of sociology of work and labour for presentation on the following or other themes.

We expect to receive theoretical and empirical (both qualitative and quantitative) papers. Cross-national papers are especially welcome.


Thank you very much to all participants for making esa torino an outstanding conference.