28 - 31 August 2013
Torino, Italy

RN22 – Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty

Patrick Brown p.r.brown@uva.nl Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Amsterdam
Anna Olofsson Anna.Olofsson@miun.se Risk and Crisis Research Centre, Dept. of Social Sciences, Mid Sweden University

The Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty research network exists to stimulate sociological and interdisciplinary research and debate regarding how risk and uncertainty are perceived, constructed, managed and/or neglected by social actors – individuals and organisations – as well as the impact of these responses.

As with recent ESA conferences, we are not issuing a call only around specific streams and instead will develop several session themes around papers, which are related, based on the abstracts submitted. In this sense we welcome papers, which explore aspects of risk and uncertainty across a broad range of sociological and inter-disciplinary perspectives.

We thus encourage paper submissions across the usual broad spectrum of topics/themes, which include: sense-making of risk; health risks; risk governance; risk and crime; professional approaches to risk; biographical risks; risk and emotions; trust; risk management and uncertainty; inequality and risk; risk, resilience and everyday life; and social theories of risk.

For these themes or other possibilities please submit to:


Thank you very much to all participants for making esa torino an outstanding conference.