28 - 31 August 2013
Torino, Italy

RN27 – Regional Network on Southern European Societies

Andrea Vargiu larvanet@tin.it Sassari University, Italy

Social challenges in urban and rural areas in southern European societies

Global social changes all over Europe bring to the local communities new questions concerning the way to solve ancient problems and to promote sustainable solutions.

These challenges affect differently city centres, peripheral neighbourhoods as well as the countryside. Increasing threats within local life contexts demand new and traditional actors the ability of (re)interpreting the economic, political and socio-cultural trends in order to conduct their action by involving the local communities.

Given the present international situation, Southern Europe societies become a challenging area to discuss the future of our territories and how social forces react to common concerns.

We invite interested researchers to submit their proposals, particularly regarding the following topics.

Organizers will specially welcome proposals enabling comparability between Southern European countries or with other countries and regions.


Thank you very much to all participants for making esa torino an outstanding conference.